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92 400e Lights dimming, poor idle , voltage regulator?

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Changed upper harnesses, lower harness. Ate my last battery, 14.5 volts measured at battery. surging when slowing down. Any ideas? Thanks
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No code reader, my local guy has a proper one. I was going to replace the regulator as it has never been replaced. I thought it may be the regulator since the lights appear to be dimming along with the idle. My problem is no time anymore for my projects. She was a 1 owner vehicle. I have a hunch that all the wiring has issues, I do not know if any of you think that to be true of older benzes. I have a 190e 2.3 also only 68k miles and am thinking of just keeping that. I do love the V8. Changed all the fuses harnesses, throttle, wires caps rotors. It has run real nice but it is the intermittent issues that give me the blues. I have to say that this forum has been a godsend.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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