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Greetings, I gave Mom a 91SL 500 in 2001. As parents could no longer afford the ongoing restoration, I just got it back for my 15yr old who just got his permit. In the last 12 months we have spent over 20k. New - Radiator, Power Steering pump, front bushings, almost entire exhaust and front end suspension, all 4 top lifters, seat bushings, wheel bearings, motor and transmission mounts, Oil Level Sensor, Self Levelling Valve, control arm bushings and new Tires.

Remaining Problems: 1. The ADS light now comes on and stays on - (was fine before I took to the shop) - They must have done something while trying to fix the fact that the left turn signal causes the seat belt light and all the warning lights to falsh for one second. 2. The Key fob does not work and the driver door cannot be locked either with the key or manual switch on the door - This also occurred while in the shop. 3. They fancy center rear view mirror still works off the control switch but is loose and shakes around when you hit a bump.

On the plus side the car has only 89k miles, the body, tops, and interior are in great shape and the engine and tranny seem to be perfect (the 4 speed bumps when it shifts but I think this is normal. _

I seek advice on the three remaing issues and whether to keep the car or abandon on Craigs List. What can I expect in the future? Thanks
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