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91 560 SEL Questions

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Hi guys, found what I think will be a great opportunity in the classifieds. A 91 560 SEL for less than $2000. I think if I can talk it down to near $1000 it'll be a great opportunity for parts for my car as well as creating a part inventory.

A question I have is regarding the trim color. This 560 is black with black bottoms, it doesn't have the grey bottoms. Is this factory? Is it poosible they were painted? I'm going to take a look at it soon and I'll find out more. What are some new options and differences between a 1991 560 SEL and a 1988 560 SEL (mine). They are both US versions.

Does the 1991 560 SEL have ASR? Thanks again.

EDIT: Car has SALVAGE title see more info here. Please advise.


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91 had ASR as an option, so it could have it. Run it through the Russian VIN, that should tell you for sure.

All 1626's came factory with the "Eddie Bauer" two tone look, so if it matches the rest of the car, it was painted to match. That would be the bumpers, the lowers on the doors, and the mirror backs.

91 will have some upgrades to the 88, such as upgraded seat heaters, possibly pass side airbag, maybe ASR, upgraded sound system, different leather, etc.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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