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91 560 SEL Questions

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Hi guys, found what I think will be a great opportunity in the classifieds. A 91 560 SEL for less than $2000. I think if I can talk it down to near $1000 it'll be a great opportunity for parts for my car as well as creating a part inventory.

A question I have is regarding the trim color. This 560 is black with black bottoms, it doesn't have the grey bottoms. Is this factory? Is it poosible they were painted? I'm going to take a look at it soon and I'll find out more. What are some new options and differences between a 1991 560 SEL and a 1988 560 SEL (mine). They are both US versions.

Does the 1991 560 SEL have ASR? Thanks again.

EDIT: Car has SALVAGE title see more info here. Please advise.


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I have ASR on my car and it is VERY easy to tell. Open the hood and the ABS Pump is twice the size and says "ASR" on it.

If you get this car and it has ASR, can I buy those parts if you part it out? I am in desperate need of the TPS and the C/C Servo and linkage.

Thanks Fire.

Never underestimate the value of having a parts car right there.....

All of the parts that Markus mentioned should fit your car if it is the same color, you can update the look. The only thing that will not fit are Elec comp. that are only on the 91 like the ASR and SRS and ABS system. The ASR, ABS and Cruise Control systems are interlinked on cars with ASR. Even the harness is completely different. When I had my engine fire I found that out.

This is why I am having trouble fixing mine. All are interlinked. I hope it has it and the deal goes through.

Thanks again FW!
I guess that is common in FLA. Wasn't there another car recently posted about someone going into the water? He replaced it with a 124 CE I think?

Count me in still for the parts I need... I am undaunted if you are.
Exactly! Got the VIN? Did you run in through the Russian site?
Looks like the lower paint is aftermarket.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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