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I know this has been talked about quite a bit and I've searched and read quite a few posts about it. Mine are totally dry rotted so I ordered the hoses. The hoses seem to be everywhere online are are pretty cheap. So they arrived and I went to replace them only to find that the plastic connectors are just as bad. They were super brittle and cracked. You can see in the picture that I cut the main line off as I had a replacement hose. When I went to cut off the t shaped hose that connects to the injector housing (not pictured) the 90 degree plastic connectors cracked the rest of way. Also one of the injector holders cracked as well. So my main question is I've been able to find all the additional parts I now need online except the 90 degree plastic connectors and the plastic t connector (circled in red in the photo). Does anybody have a good source for these or should I head over to the dealer? Thanks!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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