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91 300se, cold start issue

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hey guys! first time on here! So I just picked up a silver 1991 300se for $500! Needs front calipers (locked up!) but ir runs great and that is with the locked up front brakes! Anyway, two things I need some help on: It will spin over fine, when she is cold it will not start right up...normally have to try it a 2nd time, and then it stumbles and once it catches it is based on this, suggestions on some junk yard parts I can try to swap out? No ck eng light or anything....

also, the dome light or the door step lights do not come on with the driver door. The dome light is working, it works perfect with the pass door. I swapped the switches and the lights work with the switches swapped, so, the switches are good. Maybe a bad connection going into the dome light or a crimped wires?

any other thoughts?

thanks guys!:D

PS, I love this car! perfect blue leather! It actually floats!
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