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Didn’t know where to put this, because I’m not sure what’s wrong. Driving yesterday, and I even remember thinking, “[email protected] the car is running good today”. Then I get off the interstate make a few turns and right as I’m hitting a hill pressing the gas pedal only makes the engine rev. Eventually I run out of steam, so I put the car in park. The. i think, “I wonder If it’ll work in reverse. Sure enough it does. I’m only a few blocks away from where I’m headed, so I drive the rest of the way in reverse. Obviously, I check the transmission fluid, and yea it’s a little low. I get her back to where she needs to be, but it doesn’t change my situation. Car cranks, R engages, N engages, goes back into P, but no 2,3,D. I press the gas pedal, it revs, but the wheels don’t turn. Then on try number 15 or something I notice it rock just a little when I reved it, so I do that a few more times, and if I do it just right I can get her to drive forward. She’s reving way to high to be going 5 miles an hour and if there’s a hill I’m rolling backwards.
So my question is: Is it the transmission’s solenoid kickdown switch?

Thank you for your time.
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