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89 Kawasaki X2 Jet Ski
YouTube - X2 Startup
89 X2, Mint condition, comes with side pontoons to learn to ride x2 comes with stock fire, had this checked out every 2 months at my mech in brea, its in 100 tip top shape bone stock with only the cutoff switch installed.

09 tags,
asking 1k with pontoons,

They way I see it is i payed 1200, plus pontoons 500 plus getting in fixed up in bone stock I have recepts for all work done
so im in it ~1700
Im asking 1k

You can be like these guys!
YouTube - 2008?JJSBA?3???????X-2S-LTD???
YouTube - Kawasaki X2
YouTube - 780cc Kawasaki X-2 barrel rolls off barge waves

Location in So Cal, I can drop it off with 1 hour driving radius or ship it, but you pay shipping, packing etc.

Email me @ [email protected]
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