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Hello All,

The drivers window on my 89 560SEL is making that dreaded rapid rattle when I roll the window up and sometimes down. The window does function properly except the loud poping sound when it reaches the top and closes. I have search the forum and haven't been able to find some detailed instructions/photos to remove the drivers door panel and fix the problem. I can remove door panels on a W124 with my eyes closed but this will be my first time on the 560. So I'm a 560 "virgin". Any and all suggestons and links, photos would be appreciated.


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Allan, please do a search on this forum using the search tools. I am certain you will find detailed instructions. Maybe with pictures. Or...

Here are instructions to removing the front door panel on a 1986+ car...

1) Using a flat head screw driver, gently pry off the buttons on the power seat switch
2) Remove the plastic cover behind the chrome door pull
3) Once plastic cover is removed, unscrew the small Philips screw
4) Screw off the door locking pin
5) Unscrew the chrome C-shaped piece on the side of the door at the end (there are 2 screws holding it)
6) If your door has speakers, remove the 2 screws at the bottom of the speaker grill and remove the grill
7) The padded arm pull has 3 screws. Once the speaker grill is removed, the last screw will be accessible. Unscrew the last and middle screw. The first screw will not be accessible yet.
8) Going back to step 1 where you removed the buttons off the seat control switch, gently remove the black plastic cover. Careful as the side closest to the passenger has a tab and it can break so start from the middle and lift towards you. It should come off easily.
9) Once the black plastic cover is removed, unscrew the 2 brass colored screws that hold the seat control switch. Pull it out and unplug the wires from the back
10) At this point, the black "cage-looking" metal frame around the chrome door pull should slide off a bit. Once you slide it off a bit, the screw holding the padded door pull will be accessible and unscrew that
11) Remember that the door panel is held on by L-shaped hooks and you don't want to break them off. So push the panel in and then UPWARDS. Do NOT pull it towards you... but ONLY UPWARDS.

To put the door panel back on... simply reverse the instructions.

The rear doors should be easier, as you don't have a seat control box nor speaker grills to remove, but for the most part the instructions are the same

Best regards, and welcome to the forum


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I just removed my door panel today! I've got the manual pages on hand here for you. E-mail me and I will send them over.

You may find a nasty suprise once you get the panel off, your window regulator may have broken away from the door sheel metal. Check my post earlier today. Depending on the damage it may be an easy fix.

- Steve

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Welcome to the forum.

Mercedes Benz at used to sell the official 2 CD service manual for $ 20. Unfortunately it is not being offered at the present time.
We hope it's only temporary.

You can check the DIY thread above, or type your question into the 'search this forum' box on the top right. It will get you all archived post re. your problem.

You might try the Russian MB site. Don't put in a mod. or vin, click on cars and scroll down, until you get to yours: Êàòàëîã çàï÷àñòåé MB

Hope this helps:


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You will also need to disconnect the courtesy lamp as well as remove the door frame sail on the trailing edge of the window frame. It is the piece that is above the door look pin so you can lift the door panel up.

The job to remove the door panel is a less than 15 minute job.

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