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89 300E Washer fluid problem

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I'm a first time owner and picked up an 89 300E the other day. I'd used the windshield washer several times with no problems until the washer fluid ran out yesterday. I filled the reservoir and now it won't spit out any fluid onto the windshield. I've tried it several dozen times thinking maybe it had to prime its way through the pump and tubing, but it's still a no go. I checked the headlight washers and they aren't getting wet either. I can hear the washer fluid pump going when I activate it, so I assume it isn't that. Any advice?
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I bought some $#@$#$ brand of washer fluid a year or two back which on initial use seemed great, but it clogged up all my cars bottles within a month or so. had to take 3 of them out of their cars, wash out with hot water, unclog the pumps, and flush the lines. switched back to my traditional rather dilute 10-20 brand washer stuff, and have had no problems since.
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