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(89 300CE)Interior Does't Match The MB Database. Custom Or Special?

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Ok so i'm at the mercedes dealership to get a new wiper blade (the rubber part $8.32 after tax.:thumbsup:)

When the lady and i get talking about replacement wood panels, we discover that I'm supposed to have a "huge" glovebox. and in between the driver and passenger a storage place like in the backseat. Instead I have an airbag in that place. In between the driver and passenger i have a storage box with the wood cover. The lady at the dealer ship was shockeed that she couldnt find the part.

So i'm wondering how can i find out whats going on.

Oh and then she tried to sell me a replacement rear ashtray for like $40 (mines broken and keeps falling out)


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Could have been her first day on the job. Center console glove boxes came much later.
It says on the production data that it has an optional passenger airbag - code 291. Later the passenger side airbag and elimination of the dash glove box brought you the console glovebox, but not in 1989.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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