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(89 300CE)Interior Does't Match The MB Database. Custom Or Special?

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Ok so i'm at the mercedes dealership to get a new wiper blade (the rubber part $8.32 after tax.:thumbsup:)

When the lady and i get talking about replacement wood panels, we discover that I'm supposed to have a "huge" glovebox. and in between the driver and passenger a storage place like in the backseat. Instead I have an airbag in that place. In between the driver and passenger i have a storage box with the wood cover. The lady at the dealer ship was shockeed that she couldnt find the part.

So i'm wondering how can i find out whats going on.

Oh and then she tried to sell me a replacement rear ashtray for like $40 (mines broken and keeps falling out)


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Interesting, I thought the passenger side air bag was only available from '90 on in the U.S. Your arrow in the pic points to the lower dash panel which must be replaced with one for an air bag car if installing an air bag in place of the glove box.

I scored a center console box for my '90 off ebay a couple years ago - $100 in perfect condition and came with V.I.N. # so i could get key cut. They are hard to find and even harder to find in good condition. Pull out the carpet piece and it will fit. You may have to trim a little for a good fit and you will need 2 screws at the inside front of the box that secure it to the tray. My box color didn't match so I bought a small can of dye to match the interior. Turned out great and you wouldn't know it didn't come that way from the factory.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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