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Ok so i'm at the mercedes dealership to get a new wiper blade (the rubber part $8.32 after tax.:thumbsup:)

When the lady and i get talking about replacement wood panels, we discover that I'm supposed to have a "huge" glovebox. and in between the driver and passenger a storage place like in the backseat. Instead I have an airbag in that place. In between the driver and passenger i have a storage box with the wood cover. The lady at the dealer ship was shockeed that she couldnt find the part.

So i'm wondering how can i find out whats going on.

Oh and then she tried to sell me a replacement rear ashtray for like $40 (mines broken and keeps falling out)


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Run or post your VIN....
If it's a 1989 I would agree with the lady...
What engine do you have M103-12V or M104-24V..?

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Seen this before, a previous owner has upgraded your vehicle, added the center console storage and replaced the glovebox with a airbag. The question is though, did the previous owner replace the single zone airbag sensor with a later model duel zone sensor (for the driver and passenger airbag)

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1989 300CE
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For the cover i need to find one too. the bitch at the dealership quoted me $450 so i need an alternative
yea I ran the vin and nothing comes up. then i used the russian site and heres what came up

300 CE
103983 12 104428
722320 03 045113
0 7 705 99178
Approx. year
not defined
United States (USA) (705)
leather medium red (277)
smoke silver metallic (с 01.01.1983)
Unknown code
right front seat, electrically adjustable (с 01.11.1978)
first aid kit (с 01.11.1962 по 30.09.1970)
outside temperature indicator (с 01.03.1982)
second spare wheel (с 01.01.1964 по 28.02.1973)
left front seat electrically adjustable with memory feature. only applicable to w 210 when installed in conjunction with code 275. (с 01.03.1983)
wood rims (с 01.01.1964 по 31.08.1971)
luggage nets on front seat backrests (с 01.01.1962)
airbag for front passenger
airbag for front passenger (с 01.10.1993)
airbag for driver and front passenger (с 01.07.1987 по 30.09.1993)
airbag for driver and front passenger (if driver airbag standard - then only for passenger)
garment trunk, large (с 01.02.1967 по 31.05.1973)
trunk set, 7-piece (с 01.01.1976 по 31.08.1978)
electric sliding roof with tilting device (с 01.07.1983)
hydraulic sliding roof, in the rear (с 01.11.1964 по 30.06.1981)
automatic transmission, floor shift (с 01.01.1963)
headrests in the rear (с 01.01.1977)
safety belts, front and rear (с 01.01.1964 по 31.05.1973)
bumpers, front and rear, with guards (с 01.01.1963 по 29.02.1968)
tempomat (cruise control), and steering column, electrically adjustable (с 01.07.1984)
441 + 442 (с 01.10.1969 по 30.09.1970)
instrument with mileage reading and english lettering (с 01.04.1990)
California version
California version (с 01.05.1973 по 31.12.1995)
version for USA/California/Canada (с 01.01.1996)
490 + 492 (с 01.12.1966 по 30.09.1967)
outside rear view mirror, left, electrically adjustable and heated (с 01.07.1983 по 30.09.1983)
outside rear view mirrors, left and right (с 01.01.1963 по 31.07.1971)
outside rear view mirror, left and right, heated (electrically adjustable on the right) (l.h.d.) (с 01.10.1983 по 31.03.1989)
outside rear view mirror, right, convex, taxi export version
501 + 509 (с 01.08.1971 по 30.04.1974)
Becker radio Grand Prix electronic cassette - USA (с 01.08.1980 по 30.11.1990)
Becker radio Grand Prix LW/MW/SW/USW - USA (с 01.01.1963 по 29.02.1972)
Becker radio Grand Prix stereo MW/USW - USA (с 01.10.1972 по 31.12.1976)
Becker radio Mexico Grand Prix, electronic (USA)
Reims adapter IV (с 01.04.1962 по 28.02.1963)
paintcoat preservation (с 01.01.1964)
automatic antenna (с 01.01.1963)
exhaust-pipe cover trim (с 01.01.1963 по 28.02.1963)
seat adapter between the front seats, and halogen lamp unit (с 01.01.1967 по 31.12.1972)
sun visor with vanity mirror, illuminated, left and right (с 01.11.1978)
anti-theft warning system (с 01.11.1978 по 31.03.1998)
anti-theft/anti-break-in warning system with anti-towing system (с 01.04.1998)
steering wheel, ivory-colored (с 01.01.1963 по 31.05.1973)
folding armrest front w202/210 stowage box front with armrest (с 01.04.1970)
front folding armrest w202 - housing at front with armrest
Thermoking air conditioner and electric window lifters (front doors) (с 01.04.1970 по 31.12.1972)
automatic climate control and electric window lifters (front and rear doors) (с 01.01.1977)
heat-insulating glass, all-around, Germany (с 01.02.1971 по 30.11.1977)
heat-insulating glass, windshield, band filter (с 01.02.1984 по 31.10.1989)
590 + 592 + 593 (с 01.02.1967 по 31.01.1971)
591 + 596 (с 01.01.1963 по 31.07.1965)
headlamp wiper/washer (с 01.08.1971)
trim strips on hardtop (с 01.04.1963 по 31.07.1971)
courtesy lamps for front and rear doors, with W124 also for central doors/W202 front doors only (с 01.11.1978)
sealed beam lamp unit, l.h. traffic (с 01.01.1966 по 28.02.1972)
lamp unit, symmetrical (с 01.01.1962 по 28.02.1963)
radial-ply tires, elimination of warning triangle (с 01.11.1973 по 31.10.1974)
elimination of first-aid box and warning triangle (с 01.08.1977)
aluminium disc wheels with radial-ply tires (с 01.10.1969 по 31.12.1989)
tires with tube (с 01.01.1963 по 31.08.1965)
15-hole light alloy rims (с 01.01.1990)
Change of year of model, last figure shows new model year
seat heater for left and right front seats (с 01.02.1984)

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Interesting, I thought the passenger side air bag was only available from '90 on in the U.S. Your arrow in the pic points to the lower dash panel which must be replaced with one for an air bag car if installing an air bag in place of the glove box.

I scored a center console box for my '90 off ebay a couple years ago - $100 in perfect condition and came with V.I.N. # so i could get key cut. They are hard to find and even harder to find in good condition. Pull out the carpet piece and it will fit. You may have to trim a little for a good fit and you will need 2 screws at the inside front of the box that secure it to the tray. My box color didn't match so I bought a small can of dye to match the interior. Turned out great and you wouldn't know it didn't come that way from the factory.
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