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89' 190E Manual: Overheating

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I've seen a few similar problems in this forum, but none quite like mine. The local garage had it for a day and had no idea, so I need some expert advice really.

I own a 1989 Mercedes 190E Manual. I only get an overheating problem when running the car for around an hour. At this point if the car is running idle, I've got abour 20 minutes until my radiator blows. It's happened once, and will happen again unless I get this sorted.

When running idle the temperature keeps on going up and up. However, when pulling away in 1st at temperatures over 100c, I hear a loud clunking sound, a bit like a belt slipping actually. So presumably the cooling system and the clutch are connect at high temperatures?

Can anyone shed any light on this one for me please? I've only got 100k on the engine.

The RAC geezer said it's either the thermostat, gasket, fan, or something else. I've read about a fan clutch in a few forums however.

Thanks in advance,

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Assuming you have replaced the thermostat, I would replace the fan switch and then check the radiator to see if it is blocked.

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Not yet ...

Thermostat has not been replaced actually - sounds like something wants to happen at >100c, but this rattling/slipping noise says something else is wrong.

One idea is to replace all of the following in one shot to try and rectify the problem:

- Fan belt (splipping noise?)
- Fan switch
- Thermostat

And perhaps to see if the belt tensioner is faulty too?


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your car has an electric fan clutch. it will go on at 100 ,off at 85 of so. if your tens...

your car has an electric fan clutch. it will go on at 100 ,off at 85 of so. if your tensioner is bad, when the clutch engages, it will slip and scream for a second or two.(thats also when the a/c compressor will shut down) when the temp is over 80, feel the lower hose. if its hot your thermo is probably working. whatch out for the clutch engaging- it will do damage to your little fingers.......
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