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Hi everyone,

Those of us with pre-mbusa G wagens know all about the exploding door pocket tabs. Slam the door with too much weight in the pockets, or no weight at all, and they seem to just pop right off at the screw head. You can do a messy fiberglass repair with success, or simply epoxy these repair tabs in place for a cleaner and stronger repair. These have been tested extensively, more often than not, I ended up breaking the door pocket before breaking the repair! The quality of your repair is all in the prep, so I'll create a bit of a how-to in the next couple days for those interested in seeing how the process works.

You can buy these here: W463 Door Pocket Repair Tabs - Artisan Motor
Worldwide shipping available, if you have any problems please get in touch! We'll get you sorted out ASAP.
Here's a quick Youtube rundown on how these repair tabs work:

We're working on getting the door handle mounting tabs done as well, so keep an eye out for those soon! Prototyping is happening now, with testing to be done the next couple weeks.

Thanks for checking it out!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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