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OK guys, really need help with engine bay wiring. As some would know, my car has had LPG installed by previous owner who did a terrible job :crybaby2:

Now, concerning the wiring. My 300e is RHD so, battery is on left side of car, which is our passenger side! All harnesses have been butchered! No ECU, no EZL, no fuel equipment of any kind. Dedicated LPG through mixer (old set up)

So, I need to know some basic wiring info. I cannot work it out using wiring diagram grid sections etc as, I no longer have original engine harness or anything original for that matter! Googleing is hopeless!

a) To begin with, I need to know what the thick diameter red, cloth-braised wire is that bolts down to a distribution block that sits next to main "fuse block" located front of brake booster on drivers side that runs along in front of heater blower motor & wiper arm assembly that exits out to battery compartment area? Is this originally for fuel pump or does it simply connect to battery? I'm sure you wire separate wires from positive battery terminal direct to alternator &/or starter motor. Is this correct so far? Remember, I don't have original engine harness! Pics below:

b) Can someone also identify any/all of the harness wires pictured below that exit directly from "fuse block" & also run through to battery compartment, passing through beneath/front of heater blower motor & wiper motor? Pics below:

c) Can someone also identify any/all of the main wires that run from inside cabin harness & exit through to battery compartment area? Pics below:

If I don't @ least sort these, there is no way I can attempt the VEMS ECU harness install up ahead........ :coffee:
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