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the large belt driven fan (white) is your main fan. It should kick in at about 110C. it's controlled (just like your aux fans) with an electric switch on top of the engine where your upper hose is connected. the electromagnetic clutch VERY RARELY goes bad (no moving parts). Check your switch first ($21.00 from a dealer). I had the same problem, plus the new switch was bad too, which threw me in a loop. DO NOT lock in the main fan pysically, because it has a limited max RPM. If your drive belt runs too fast, the fan may just fly apart (you REALLY do not want this). Overheating during driving has nothing to do with the fans (at 55mph the air flow is WAY higher than anything produced by a fan). Look elswhere. Top choices:
1) rebuilt radiator is plugged
2) your water pump is going
3) your head gasket is gone (any persisting oil leaks??)

My bet is on the radiator. Also, turn off the AC and see what happens.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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