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1986 190E 8V
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I am going to order Drilled Rotors, hi-po Disk Pads and Stainless Hoses for my 86 190e next week. I have an 88 parts donor that I have removed the caliper assemblies while cannibalizing it.

I also bought a used set of 4 – 16” x 7” --Kosei KV5 two piece Silver Painter wheels that came from a 93 190e. I have bought new 205/45R 16 tires for the front, and 205/55R 16 tires for the rear.


1 In a previous thread, M.B. Doc mentioned that the Caliper Assembly was wider on the 88 than on the 86. Will the 88 calipers bolt up to the 86 car without changing the mounting assembly? I have a couple quarts of Caliper paint and would like to rebuild/paint the calipers and dust shields. Should add a nice effect to the 5 spoke phatty wheels.

2 When rebuilding the calipers, I was going to hone the cylinders, and change the seals – should I replace the Cylinder Rams or clean old ones up with steel wool? Are these Cylinder Rams OEM stock and where should I get them?

3 I was also told by M.B. Doc to use the ATI Racing Blue Fluid to top off the job, after changing to Stainless hoses. Should I use the same fluid to change and bleed the clutch hydraulic assembly?

4 The Kosei wheels are a two piece rim. I would like to split them apart and strip the old paint off both pieces and epoxy paint the exposed surface on the back half of the rim Jet Black, and would like to gild the spoke side with gold leaf for a 24 carat effect. I will make sure to not paint or gild the tire mating surface, the surface where the two pieces meet when re-assembled, and will put a light coat of RTV Silicone to the mating surface of two pieces. The wheels are held together by ten allen head type screws/bolts. I will torque them together in a star-pattern, but was wondering how many in/lbs should they be torqued to?

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