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'86 560SEL and '75 450SL both for $4700!

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I bought a '75 450SL, and a '86 560SEL both for $4700.

560 is black/tan with 115K, clean title with only problem being a leaky transmission causing slippage when fluid is low. Car looks good inside, outside paint is faded in some places. The '75 450SL is silver/red with just 100K orig miles just looking for an exterior refreshing.

I bought both because it was just a smoking deal from the current owner, a 78 year old man who just had too many Benzes, and his wife was bugging him to lighten the load. He still had a '78 450SL and '88 560SL.

Now my question is, I will be faced with the dilemma of having to get rid of one of the cars eventually. 560 will be good for my family, but 450 holds value better. Which would you keep? Decisions, decisions!

I will be posting tidbits and info requests as I dive into the 560. I'm putting the 450 under wraps for a later day.
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OR.... You could sell both for a total of between $8 to $9k, and call it a day.
MRTIKKET - 2/10/2005 3:08 AM

OR.... You could sell both for a total of between $8 to $9k, and call it a day.
i have to agree with the above... if you're really looking to make money out of this (your mention of the SL holding its value better suggests you might be), don't put any money into either car, and just sell them off at a profit ASAP.
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