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'86 300E For Sale

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Price : $Make Reasonable Offer$ - Must sell soon.

1986 300E
Mileage : Kind of Unknown, 155,000 on the clock but, odometer cable broken. Some where between 155,000 and 200,000 miles is a good guess.The car is stock except for the Eibach springs.

Wife drives daily with no problems. A few little issues such as passenger power seat is broken, heat doesn't blow on floor, couple trim pieces are loose. We Love this car but we need to unload so we can get a new toy.

Email me with any questions.We are located in Central Ohio. [email protected]



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I think both you guys are correct about my 300E. Central Ohio is not a hot bed of a market for used 300's. I know the unknown mileage is also an issue,but I didn't care about the odometer because I know the car and planned to keep late to go back and fix that matter now . The good news is that the car is costing me nothing but gas and upkeep.My daughter is about to turn 16 and she drove the Benz this weekend and now she thinks she likes it better than my Acura I was thinking about giving her. I was proud to here that being a Benz guy.[;)] I will just test the market and what happens, Happen.

Thanks for the input,

Spelling errors in last post of mine - geez, here or hear..I must be tired.
I agree that it would make an excellent car for her. All her pals want her to take the Acura since we are in Honda country with all the Honda plants not far away. She has developed a love for cars and loves going to the races at Mid-Ohio and Indy F1, so maybe she imagines being in the West Mcclaren car at Indy [:)]All my kids love to cheer for Kimi. If it doesn't sell, its hers. Who needs front wheel drive, she will be one of the few doing dounuts in the correct direction.

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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