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I have a 1984 300SD with 220k miles on it. It has the "shaking at a stoplight after a long highway run, with almost no power afterwards" problem. Tried the rack damper bolt, fuel filter, and adjusted the valves with no effect, and it slowly got worse, to the point where you would stop at the light and the engine would go THUD THUD THUD a few times and die.

Did a dry, cold compression check and came up with these numbers:
340, 360, 340, 300, 250

Decided to remove the cylinder head. Nothing visibly wrong with the head, or block. No cracks in the head gasket, but it is well worn, and looks most worn on #4 and #5, matching up with the compression check. I will attach pics of the whole gasket, and a closeup of the front and back of #4 and #5. Is this damage enough to cause these compression numbers?

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