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'84 300D did not start this morning.... what happens when fuel "gels"???

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This is my first experience with a diesel. I just started driving the '84 300D I bought only 3 days ago. So far I have had a pretty good experience, but not this morning.

Last night it was about +3 F out. I did not have the oppertunity to plug in the block heater. This morning when I turned they key, (after turning the key on & off about 4 times to get the glow plugs going multiple times), the motor would not even crank. I got nothing. Keep in mind, my battery is 2 days old, and has plenty of CCA's for this motor (1000).

Is this what happens when the fuel "gels"??? Like I said this is my first experience with a diesel. I would have at least expected the motor to turn over.

Any advise would help. Also, I was considering maybe doing the 20-30% mixture with kerosene. I have read about this. Would this help my problem??? I only ask because I do not have the option to plug in my all the time.

Thanks guys!!!

Joe T
'01 CLK 320
'84 300D
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hmm, batt 2 days old...
1st thing to do is make sure the battery cable connections are tight. sounds like you are not even getting any juice to the starter. how do you know the engine won't start if the starter won't turn it over?
i would doubt very much that you have gelled fuel unless the car has been sitting around since the summer without running a/o you have very little fuel in the tank.
you can cut the fuel with a percentage of kero but it's usually not necessary due to in the winter diesel fuel
up here in the north has ant-gell additives already in it at the pump.
as a side note don't forget that you can leave the starter motor cranking beyond the firing of one or two cylinders until you think they are all firing, with no damage to the starter, unlike a gasser.

in this respect do not leave the starter motor cranking for more than about 30 seconds to avoid overheating. (yes it can overheat even at 0 deg F ambient!!)

i have found that doing the above will enable more successful first time very cold starts.

as we all know once the engine is going it's going
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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