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'84 300D Dashboard Warning Light Question

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I have an '84 300 Turbo Diesel. Love it, but I don't have an owner's manual.

I have a warning light intermittently going off on the dash. It's a circle with 6 dashed lines around it. I seem to notice that it might come on when I hit the brakes hard, and at times it will just kind of flicker off and on for no apparent reason.

Anyone know what the warning light is for, what problem I may be having and how to fix it?

Thanks, BtD
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It is your brake pad warning light. Your pads are getting thin or, the sensor has a nick in the wire. Mine came on and when I looked at the pads, they were worn a bit, but the sensor wire had a nick in it and was reading off the nearest metal.

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Pad warning light. Mine did similar despite new pads, no obvious problems with the sensor wires but new wires (inexpensive) sorted the problem so that was where the fault lay.
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