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1. car runs great on the highway, no smoke, clean at temp, good power up the hills
have not checked the compression
is not using excessive oil
is running dirty around town....sometimes!!!!
really maddening!!!!

bad injector? slap, injector pump leak, runs dirty (rich) when it runs bad, missies after about 1 mile of driving , low speed low rpm, kicking the trottle eliminates it for a while...
started with some bad fuel that clogged both filters.....

2. this one is killing me, rear end sounds like it is smashing a toaster, chopping wood or beating a rug really vibration
its around in park, reverse neutral and all gears (driveline loads up in park, is that normal?) cant really hear it at speed
I replaced the half shafts about 40k ago myself with quality parts
center link/carrier bearing look good, not a lot of slop and the noise (rotating strike) is there when nothing is turning!!! is this an internal tranny
tranny shifts well, no noise thru the gears, no overspeed, hard shifts are minimal, pumpkin was good 40k ago, replaced the fluid and the leaks.....good tires, exhaust seems solid...
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