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`82 wagon tire size?

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What tire size is "standard" for an `82 300TD?

I have 14 in inch rims.

I am just going for the "stock" look.

My knowledgeable mechanic said the "R205/70/14" is what I should buy, but I wanted to check with you guys also.

Thx, P
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195/70 R14 is stock

But I recomend going with 205/70 R14's, the wider tire will improve handling.

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Tire width is not the only thing important to consider when selecting a tire. The number of plies in the sidewall will influence handling, also. Many tires come with single ply sidewalls to give a smoother ride. A 2-ply tire in the same size will give better handling w/o the increased rolling resistance and slight lowering of gas mileage that comes with a wider tire - even just 1 size up. Most tire listings don't give you the number of plies in the sidewall or tread. You only know this by reading the side of the tire. I recently replaced the tires on my '77 230 with the standard 195/70 X 14 size. I intentionally did not go to a 205 because of what I said above and also because the O.E. wheel is listed for a max width of 195. The new tires have 2-ply sidewalls and handle noticeably better than the previous 1-ply sidewall tires. Below is a link to Tire Rack listing the tires they carry in 195/70 X 14. Look at the 2nd tire - BFGoodrich Traction TA/H. This is the one I selected based on reviews on Tire Rack and from a friend. It does have 2-ply sidewalls and the price is reasonable. I have been very pleased with the improvement. The ride has firmed up a slight bit and cornering is a little better because of the stiffer sidewall. No other changes were made to the car. Notice that the speed rating is "H" - good for 130 mph, a little more than we need but better handling than lower speed-rated tires.

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