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85 300SD, 82 euro 500 SEC, 78 450SL
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I bought a complete used interior for my 82 euro 500sec and have some good parts left over to trade:
rear seat bottoms, front seat backs, headrests, passenger door sill, looks like a complete carpet set - dirty but cleanable, consol wings, rear wings that go from parcel tray to ceiling, front pieces that go between the dash and top, glove box door with good burl, rear arm rest, and probably some other things I forgot. I have the seat belt presenters but haven't checked to see if they work. I think those may be worth something.
Now, what I need is the driver seat switch, the assy that makes the driver seat belt on the floor fold to the rear, the little plastic hole filler on the side of the front seat just above the button that lets the seat fold forward, a trunk lock vac assy, the euro triangle for the trunk lid, passenger mirror, and probably other things.
Let me know what you have to trade.
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