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In My 82 380sl there is no airflow out of the 3 center vents. Is there a cheap easy fix for this.馃槀

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The problem can come from multiple sources often it has to do with broken diaphragms not allowing the vacuum modulator is to operate due to vacume leaks. Also look inside those center ducts at the dash. One of the vacuum modulators opens the door in that duct and it very common that the connecting end of the modulator breaks off which attached to the air door plate in those center ducts. You can visually see if it's broken Loose.

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As what Rick has said, it could be a failure of the vacuum pods, a vacuum leak, bad switch over valves, and/or an issue with your push button climate unit.

You'll have to remove the glove box and apply vacuum to the various dash pods to see if they actuate fully closed. If they do, look at the rubber connectors and the switchover valves that manage the vacuum system.

Sometimes the rubber connectors have these red crimp clips which were used to restrict vacuum when the climate control was started. The rubber connectors will collapse and block vacuum.

There's an updated arrangement in the fsm that replaced these with more permanent orifice constrictors.

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Saw this problem fixed in a Wheeler Dealer episode. Google/search Youtube as they showcase the work pretty well. It wasn't easy - 'what a palava' as Ed China would say... Good luck.
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