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82 300sd where do i start

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A friends family had a 82 300sd in the garage. It had sat for about 8 years, been driven minimal for about 5 years prior. It's got 145000 actual miles it. I replaced the battery and it started right up and drove 30 miles home. It's a beast! Was thinking of doing the oil, transmission, differential fluid and putting some anti fungal/fuel additive, and air filter. Fuel filter at some point. Any other ideas on major or minor stuff I should do immediately and what other things I should try to do?
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I would =>

Check the condition of your tyres!!!


engine oil and filter
transmission oil and filter
differential oil
brake fluid
power steering fluid and filter
fuel filters
air filter
clean check and adjust front wheel bearings (for the rear you have to hope for the best really as they are difficult to get to)
check for oil in the axles

Most importantly though check the overall condition of the car. Don't just limit yourself to the mechanical components. Look at the water drains and the rubber seals and make sure there that water isn't getting into the car. W123s can rust and rust and rust. I think that rust is the number one killer of these cars.

After driving for a few weeks I'd change the engine oil and filter again.
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Smart eyes there - SD indeed!

Dag nam it - I only ever post on the W123 forum - it looks like I'll be moved...
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