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82 300sd where do i start

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A friends family had a 82 300sd in the garage. It had sat for about 8 years, been driven minimal for about 5 years prior. It's got 145000 actual miles it. I replaced the battery and it started right up and drove 30 miles home. It's a beast! Was thinking of doing the oil, transmission, differential fluid and putting some anti fungal/fuel additive, and air filter. Fuel filter at some point. Any other ideas on major or minor stuff I should do immediately and what other things I should try to do?
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Owners manual said w126 and just didn't look far enough down. I'll start working on this stuff mentioned. Tires were ok actually. Maybe down to 1/2 air but not really dry rotted that I can tell. Super neat car.
Cost 33k the sticker!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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