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1981 300CD Non-Turbo, 1982 300d-Turbo
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I've searched and can't find exactly what I need to know.

I have a 81 300CD NON-turbo. I put in a new modulator valve in the trans. It came in the car 6 years ago, and it looks the same as the old one so I put it in.

I need to know is there a way it should be adjusted to start with, and then fine tune later? It doesn't want to shift at all at full throttle. I can go nuetral to drive and get a very hard solid shift into 2nd.
I hooked it strait to vac. full 20inches of vac and no change. disconected it and no change.

If I need to adjust the modulator, How much turning do I do on the adjustment??

It's full of fluid-maybe pint too much.

Any advice??? Thanks!!! Dion
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