Hi, I have two 300SDs for sale -- one a 1980 and the other a 1983.

The '80 has been parked for about six months but runs and drives. It seems to have a transmission issue (which may be nothing more than a Bowden rod adjustment). One of the hubs has a broken stud which I have been unable to extract. Good tires all around, glass is all intact and both the body and interior are in very nice shape. I started it on Dec. 21; the battery is in good shape. It does smoke until it reaches operating temperature; I'm sure it could make good use of a fresh set of injectors. Clean New Mexico title in my name. I'm asking $2000 obo.


The '83 has been daily driven, and I periodically make trips to Albuquerque and back in it.

I have done quite a lot of work in the last six months to get this car to be daily driveable: steam cleaned all the upholstery, valve adjustment, bench tested all five injectors, replaced both headlights, replaced bulbs with LEDs, replaced the radio with a new Alpine Bluetooth unit and four new MB Quart speakers, repaired the odometer with new plastic gears, changed the transmission oil and filter, replaced fuel filter, replaced the radiator cap, flushed and bled the brakes, replaced door strikers. I am planning to replace all four shocks with new Bilsteins soon.

Body is straight and clean, and the interior is in decent shape. Good glass and tires.

It has a vegetable oil conversion (extra tank in the trunk) but I have not used it and I don't know if it works. It runs great on 100% biodiesel or on pump diesel. Has a block heater and a coolant heater, and both work.

Clean New Mexico title in my name. Asking $7500 obo.


Why am I getting rid of these cars? Well, I spend more time working on them than driving them, and I have a pickup truck that will burn my biodiesel. I also recently bought a BMW 428i and that's a much lower-maintenance car than either of my Benzes.

(If you're the type who immediately gets worried when you hear the word "biodiesel" because you know that lots of people who "experiment" with it have no clue what they're doing -- don't be. I have more than a decade of experience producing biodiesel professionally, and I have two "dry wash" columns which remove moisture, glycerine, and other contaminants down to ASTM spec. This is pro-quality fuel produced on a much smaller scale than the big folks.)

I know prices are all over the map for these cars, so of course I will consider all offers with an open mind. I will also consider trades (ham radio gear, car hauler trailer, diesel generator, or what have you). And if you'd like both cars, I'm more than willing to make you a deal.

Call or text, five oh five two three nine one zero four four