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79 280SE For sale or Trade

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$700 OBO 1979 Euro Spec 280SE. Its too much of a project for me right now. Ive made sure the engine turns over and starts but i have not gone further than that. I have videos of the engine firing up if you are interested. Front Interior is in decent shape. The rear is completely gone. Lots of little TLC to fix on this one but its a solid car. Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks. Open to all trades. I have a title for this car but the previous owner signed the wrong spot and i have not filed for a lost title yet. Sold as is with no current title. You will have to take care of that. I can provide a bill of sale.

Located in Laughlin NV.
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Wow. What happened in the back of that. Never seen anything like it.
If it were in the UK I'd snap it up.
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