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Ford F250 diesel PU
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Greetings all, I am interested in purchasing a 76 450 SLC. I was at a salvage yard, and found this car, way off in the corner. The car runs and drives, needs a hood, bumper, and some minor rust repair. Floors are solid, interior is excellent, with the exception of the front seats, they are worn, not ripped though. It has 150k on it. All electrics work.

I have had a thing for these cars for many years, but was always scared off by the cost.

I figured that this was a great forum to start some research. What would be the price range for such a car ?

Also, I know little of these cars, what are some of the things I should look for, or should be prepared to fix... I am pretty handy around cars, but most of my experience has been with Ford mustangs, Ford diesel PU's, but I did have a 72 Mercedes 220D that I was really attached to, until is was wrecked...

Any advise would be greatly apprecieted.[:)]
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