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76 450

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I've been on BW since 2011 and I'm on the 201 & 210 forums . Looking at a car today . I subscribe to the slmarket too . I think I know all the pitfalls for these cars . This car does have rust I'm told . I'll post pictures later today . I've been looking for a few years . My purpose is an occasional sunny day car . My 201 AMG will be wrapped up this summer so on to the next :)
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Take all the time you need to find the absolute best car you can afford. Set a budget for acquisition and repair, then you will be able to use your head instead of your heart. Look on flea bay for a few R107 books so you can educate yourself on problem areas. There is a really good booklet by Chris Bass, "The Essential Buyer's Guide Mercedes Benz 280-560SL & SLC". There are check lists and all manner if information that will make looking at examples much simpler.

Though I purchased a D-jet model, I would not advise that route. Electronic injection is too pre-historic and beyond the ability of most shops to work on. I found that out when one of them screwed up my car. Look at the 1977+ 450 or the 560SL. The 280SL is really nice, but hard to find parts online because it was not imported here. The parts are all available, just need to cross index with other models that used the part to get them.

Early examples of the R107 are very prone to rust. Unless it lived inside and in the desert, there will be rust hiding.
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