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I've been on BW since 2011 and I'm on the 201 & 210 forums . Looking at a car today . I subscribe to the slmarket too . I think I know all the pitfalls for these cars . This car does have rust I'm told . I'll post pictures later today . I've been looking for a few years . My purpose is an occasional sunny day car . My 201 AMG will be wrapped up this summer so on to the next :)
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Yeah I know about the cat issue . The rust looked really bad in the rear passenger wheel well . The rest looked like surface rust . It's 2k is what he's looking for . But he put in a new fuel pump but it's a very hard start . We got it started with spraying in the intake . Also when he installed a radio he did something and the windows don't work now . He replaced fuses . I'm inclined to pass . I'm fully aware of what it'll take to make it just drivable . I would be doing all the work myself . I have access to a welder and lift . The paint is actually pretty good . The interior is typical of 40 years . Small crack in the rear hard top window . The engine is pretty clean . He says all new ignition parts . 167k miles . It's a Florida car that went to DC for around 5 years . It's been in Oregon around 8 years . The rust has been left to grow . I want to pull up carpet put it doesn't lift up like my other cars . I could not get under the rear area carpet either . But not sure how that lifts up . He has speakers mounted on the rear floor of that . I looked underneath and exhaust looks pretty bad . Rest looks ok . It has a dash cap already . It's the lighter blue metallic over navy. Anything I buy I know I'd replace a lot of parts and I'm not into buying something that supposedly needs nothing . These cars will always need something. Just like my other cars ...
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I'm really torn here and I know I should pass . I may talk him down to 1200-1500 . I think I'll regret it and I'm not thinking straight right now . I've got 107-itis . Someone talk me down off the ledge lol
So I walked away from this and spending my cash on the other cars . I'll be looking at other rust free r107s in the next year . I know I'll have one at some point . I hope to be part of this 107 community soon :)
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Yes I made the right call . It freed up some cash for the 201 project like this :) I need to get this one wrapped up and I was being impulsive .

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