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750HP Brabus Mercedes SL65 vs Stock Corvette ZR1

Mercedes SL65 vs Corvette ZR1 Some serious power shifting with the ZR1.
Well, this makes sense to me. The SL65 AMG by Brabus (750bhp) has a worse power to weight ratio than does the bone stock Corvette ZR1 (620bhp). The SL65 AMG weight comes in at a very, very hefty 4,675 lbs (due to the power roof mechanism on so on plus the very strong reinforcement required to compensate for the lack of a rigid roof) while the ZR1 comes in at only 3,350 lbs. The ZR1 therefore has to push only 5.4 lbs for every horse while the SL pushes 6.2 lbs per every horse of power. Even the SL65 Black series still weight in at 4,125 lbs. These SL are very, very heavy cars and not made to compete against a Corvette. I for one would rather have the SL because of refinement, finishing, high speed stability, etc... but still the Corvette will blow it away performance wise. A regular SL65 AMG will most certainly get whipped by the ZR1 for sure, it will even whip the SL65 BS, let alone the regular ones even if they are ECU reflashed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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