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722.6 valve body installation

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When installing the valve body in a 722.6, what is the right position for the selection rod that extends from the valve body? All the way in? I had trouble getting the valve body back in the sedan. The selector pin wasn't engaging the slot at the end of the valve body rod. I guess the rod shifted from how it was when I pulled it. Even with the detent spring out of the way I can't see well enough to align pin and slot.

Is there a way to move the shift lever without a battery?

98 E320s sedan and wagon
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AFAIK, you should be able to pull/push the manual valve (with the yellow plastic end) in or out of the VB to suit the selector pin's location, wherever the latter may happen to be, while offering up the VB to the case. From MAVA's 722.6 rebuild photo collection:

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