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Hello people

I was pointed to the forum as i m facing some issues with my 722.6 gearbox and you are lucky to have among you some of the best experts in this particular transmission.
My car is only a hybrid with a Mercedes heart and muscle but i really need some inputs on the culprit.
Today I took advantage of the free time and went out on highway for a ride as i wanted to see how it s running on the current cfg.
After a 15 miles highway route, just cruising 2000 rpm and accelerating 3-4 times untill 4000rpm, i come to a complete stop and notice that the car won t drive untill i push the throttle. Regardless in Drive or Reverse, the car was abnormally not moving. I stopped, checked the fluid, then restarted and... everything was back to normal.
Now, considering the extensions this transmission have, it might sound like a real problem since is bolted to an OM642LS engine with currentlly 320hp/700nm of torque which he must transfer to a Jeep Wrangler JK powertrain ( NV241 Transfer case - Dana 44 axles - 35in Tires ).
The transmission came out from a '07 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK 3.0CRD, on a build sheet i got online is listed W5J400 but on a sale list it is marked W5A580.
There s a lot of questions popping out in my head. Was this a software related issue?Was it mechanical? She can t handle the new hp/torque numbers? I didn t put enough oil? Because even if the oil level is 75mm at 150 F degree, i had previouslly upgraded the pan to a bigger and more cooling efficient style, so should i add more? If i need to upgrade the transsmission parts what are the best options to look for? Sonnax parts?Valves?Pumps?Transgo kit?Clutch discs?What friction plates? If i need to upgrade the TC, what is the right choice?

Any input is highly appreciated, thank s in advance and Merry Christmas to all.

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It certainly is not an issue with the strength of the transmission - the 5G-Tronic (which is what the diesel WK had) could hold up to 738 lbft (1000nm) of torque depending on the application, but I don't believe that Chrysler used the lower-torque versions. MBZ replaced the lower torque 5Gs with the 7G by that point, so I doubt they even produced them anymore.

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What year W140? Year 95-early97 722.6 controllers and valve bodies are only compatible with them selves, yet mid to late 97 builds on controller will work with 2000's. When you cross valve body or controller you can get a similar failure-not a error... An error to limp will be wrong gear ratio.

If you go complete aftermarket controller, may be the best bet as you will not use the car's CAN bus data.

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