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On my new 300CE I have a problem with the tranny. It shifts very nicely, very gentle and almost unnotable. So far so good.

But: if I do a kickdown, the shift from 3rd into 4th slips and I have to lift the throttle a bit for 4th to engage. If I don't lift my foot, the engine revs up.

When I got the car, there was about 3/4 quart of ATF missing. I topped it up, but the problem isn't gone. I'm yet to do an oil change, but I sure will do one ASAP. The oil doesn't smell burned.

What could be the problem? Is it one of the K springs that went, or am I looking at an expensive rebuild/transmission swap?

'88 300CE, 722.3 trans.

Thanks for oyur help! :)
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