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'72 280 SE 4.5 Transmission Swap?

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My 1972 SE 280 4.5 Gas powered V8 is having some transmission issues. The mechanics are having a hard time sourcing parts so far and quoting me between $2,500 and $5,000 to rebuild. I'm wondering if there's a transmission swap I could do with a different model/make that would be less expensive.

Or, is there a parts supplier to provide more reasonably priced parts for the 72 transmission.

I searched the forums, but did not see a topic specific to transmission swaps.

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You are getting reasonable quotes for rebuild/repair. Even if you find the adsit rebuild, you are still on the hook for a number of hours shop time. Comes to $2500-3k.

One very good option is to tear it down yourself and do the part replacement on your own bench. Should run $300 for parts. IF you have access to junkyard cars, you can source the transmission from a R107 (73-75) or the w114/115 after 8/73. W116 will have the same transmission. 3 speed with torque converter - W3A 040
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