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717.000 Dimensions.

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Anyone have the 5-spd, removable bell, 717.000, tranny available who could supply me with some dimensions?? I need dimension A and B on the pic plus the diameter of the input shaft forward of the splines and the spline count. Drawing is of a T5, best I could do. Many thanks. Should add, dimension A would be with the shifter in neutral position.


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Hi Merc,

I received your PM.

Dimension A is difficult to gather. The shifter linkages are on the side of the transmission, and there are three of them. They can be put in a neutral position, but that will not yield the information you need. The shifter itself is bolted to the floor of the car- so the trans would need to be in the car to really measure that.

I still have a 717.400 on the shelf, and can measure it for you.

What are you trying to put it in?

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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