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717.000 Dimensions.

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Anyone have the 5-spd, removable bell, 717.000, tranny available who could supply me with some dimensions?? I need dimension A and B on the pic plus the diameter of the input shaft forward of the splines and the spline count. Drawing is of a T5, best I could do. Many thanks. Should add, dimension A would be with the shifter in neutral position.


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Thanks for responding. Actually I have given up trying to find parts to fix the .000 in my 75, 280SL and were planning to replace it with a new Tremec T5 for a 95 up, 5.0 Mustang. I'm trying to get as many dimensions and as much info together as I can befor we tear it apart. I have a spare 5-spd bell and it looks as though it's pretty straight forward. Even if I could find parts, I would still have a 40+ year old sidewinder trans. that as they say is like "stirring a bucket of rocks with a stick". We'll keep the old one in case in 25 years this car is worth something and a "Leno" thinks it's worth making parts for it, it has matching numbers. I would ask one favor, the EPC says the pilot bearing is the same for both the .000 and .400, if you could let me know the diameter of the tip of the input shaft on the .400 it would be much appreciated. The Tremec is 15mm. A sidenote, if you are ever interested in selling the .400 lots of folks on the 107 forum would be interested. Thanks again.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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