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60K Mile Service - Trans and others

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Hi Everyone,

I went to a family friend who runs a Mercedes Repair Shop for the 60K - B Service. He's doing the work on a Saturday morning with my help - so I really trust him. I learned some info I thought usefull:

Automatic Transmission: Mercedes now indicates that the transmission has a lifetime fill and requires no service. According to Nick (Nick's Mercedes Service in San Francisco), this is only done for marketing and there are many transmissions failing at 70K or 80K. The transmission is the hardest working part on a car and needs the most attention. He will only use Original Mercedes Synthetic and suggest this done at least evey 60K - if not sooner. Most people who purchase a new Mercedes trade or return them after a few years and once the warranty has expired, however, for people like myself who bought these cars used, proper service and maintainance are important to avoid having to install a new transmission. He assures me that the fluid will be black instead of red (normal color).

FILTERS: Mereceds indicates that the air filter should be changed every 60K however not on the first 60K. This means 1 air fileter to last 120K miles! That is just unrealistic. This is true for the gas and HVAC filter.

OILS, COOLANT and FLUIDS: I am also draining the coolant. Nick suggests only using Mercedes fluids and Oils.

Anyway, just thought I'd share this with everyone.
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i use premium water in my tranny to make sure it runs clean and cool...dont forget to use the expensive water only for all your fluids! Gas can be mixed 50/50 with cola products for a better exhaust smell.
thanks for the info
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