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600 sel

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well folks, it's all your fault. read the forums, digested the info and comments, drooled on the vehicle, brought it home. (at a great rate of knots). amazing, absolutely amazing. put on 1600 km over the weekend, avg 22mpg at 120 kph; i hope the love affair continues. forgive me for being a little excited right now. (yes june it says v12 and i sincerely hope you haven't got a lemon. sounds like we purchased the same day or close to it)
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I know the feeling I bought a 1995 S600- last summer and been driving the car ever since- for over 22,000 miles- The car is total kick ass-so glad to bought the V12- very fast and quiet. The only thing I have done in 22,000 miles is oil, brakes, and a battery (not including stuff I did when I bought it- flushed the brakes and radiator, and new tires). No problems, knock on wood- good luck
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