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6 door mogs

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were these factory or did someone chop up a pair of dokas and stacked them? whatabout the 5 door ones, where did they find the rear of the cabin?

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So they just cloned the magpul truck, complete with Couch Signature Bumpers?
Yeah those bumpers are sorta BAMBbamb ish
I'll love to see how they attach the long body to the chassis and allow for the frame twist.

Is the front "fixed"connection to the cab retained and the body pivots on two OEM pivots, one where the OEM cab pivot is, and the other a the rear of the chassis?
Good question, which goes for all of the elongated 'Bus' Unimogs. I had a thread on them and there is at least one, a 404 Bus that was built in Turkey, that has shots of the body on and off of the frame. I will see if I can dig it up. It may provide some answers, at least for
That particular home-built version, but the mounting details were not something I was paying attention to at the time.
For the Record , the 'MagPul Unimog' was built in Germany, by MEREX, as the "Pace MOG", which was rolled out in Pseudo Mercedes F-1 paint livery, for the 50 Jahr birthday
Party in the bumpers may have traveled to Germany from Colorado, but the Body was constructed along the lines previously established in Germnay.
I'll look for,the other thread.

I'm still looking , but this thread has most, if not all of the photos of the 404 silver/black bus from Turkey, and it is difficult to make out and special body mounts for the rear...
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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