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1987 560SL, 2000 Kawasaki W650
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I'm doing the ATF change and to make my life easier when draining the torque converter I slapped together a remote start switch, the kind that cost $10-20 at various stores. I had a switch, a pair of alligator clips and some lamp cord lying around so I'd estimate a cost to me of about 50 cents. Which is probably what they cost to make the ones that sell for $10-20.

It's been a while since I've used it, and for the life of me couldn't recall where to hook up the alligator clips to get the starter motor to turn the engine so I can find the torque converter drain hole. The engine shop manual shows on page 1.7--010/2 a bakelite terminal strip near the coolant tank. That appears to be correct for earlier models, but it's not the correct one for a 560SL, at least for my '87.

Fortunately I have a printed copy of the electrical manual and the photos aren't too murky and so I figured out that violet wire for circuit number 50 that goes to the starter is on terminal X27. That's on the passenger side firewall over near the alarm horn. Pull off the connector and you'll see three pins. Connect one end of your starter switch clip to the middle pin, for the violet circuit 50 wire as found in the manual, and the other end to the large terminal block that has a cover with a large plus sign on it.


By the way if you think I post this stuff for the common good, well, not really. Next time I do an ATF change and can't recall where the connection points are, I know I can find it on this site years later.
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