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560SEL intermittently dies.

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Hello again W126 community,

I must tap into your resources again.

As you all know, I recently purchased an eBay 560SEL. It had a new muffler, pipe, cat installed today but now it dies intermittently.

It happened about 5 times today and it's random. I start her up and in about 6 seconds the engine goes to idle @ 600rpm. Without warning, the revs start to drop to 200rpm then to 0. The scary part is this happens while I'm driving in traffic on the road. I can't tolerate this thing just dying without warning whilst driving.

I started her up again and made sure my foot was on the gas and give her some good revs to 3000rpm and I was able to drive it to my home (10 mins. away)

What could this be. The infamous FPR issues? Distributor (rotor, cap) issues? Running lean perhaps? Spark plugs or wires?
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a3jeroen said:
So did you or did you not check the ground cable from battery to chassis and chassis to engine?????:(


Yes I did and it seems to be fine. It looks like all contacts are intact.
mkyang said:
Sounds exactly like the symphtom I experienced when my FPR failed. It was start out as intermitten then more frequent as situation gets worse.

This is exactly what is happening. It's as if the engine is being choked of fuel. The only solution was to full throttle it frequently to keep it going. I'm going to search this topic. I love this community. I'll keep this posted. :bowdown:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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