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560SEL intermittently dies.

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Hello again W126 community,

I must tap into your resources again.

As you all know, I recently purchased an eBay 560SEL. It had a new muffler, pipe, cat installed today but now it dies intermittently.

It happened about 5 times today and it's random. I start her up and in about 6 seconds the engine goes to idle @ 600rpm. Without warning, the revs start to drop to 200rpm then to 0. The scary part is this happens while I'm driving in traffic on the road. I can't tolerate this thing just dying without warning whilst driving.

I started her up again and made sure my foot was on the gas and give her some good revs to 3000rpm and I was able to drive it to my home (10 mins. away)

What could this be. The infamous FPR issues? Distributor (rotor, cap) issues? Running lean perhaps? Spark plugs or wires?
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Sounds exactly like the symphtom I experienced when my FPR failed. It was start out as intermitten then more frequent as situation gets worse.
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