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Hello 126 friends,
I am a german W126 fan, we have a german W126 with a regular AC (no Automatic Climate Control) and I finally I got my 1990 560SEL USA and I hope I may ask you a perhaps stupid question.
In my european car (no ACC) there will be fresh outside air coming out of the adjustable air outlets in the middle of the dashboard and the sides.

Yesterday I drove with the US 560SEL with the Automatic Climate Control ACC (I am new with that), AC was off, it was in the EC Economy mode, Temperature was on 80 F and when I opend the volume control of the front adjustable air outlets there was warm heated air coming out of the outlets, no fresh or cool outside air as I expected, like in my german W126.

So my question ( i googled already) is, is this the normal way in US W126 with ACC or is something wrong. I found no clear explanations to be sure whats right. So in winter, when I will be more using the heating version there will be warm heated air in these outlets and no cold air form the outside?
I know it moght be stupid to ask, but appreciate any help constructive help from you, who are mich more experienced with this version of AC.
Thank you for your help and understanding.
Kind regards from Germany

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And, to force only fresh air, turn the temp wheel down till it clicks with the economy button pressed in.

Similarly, to force only hot air, turn the wheel past the hottest setting till it clicks.

The middle vents in the dash should only blow cooled or fresh air if the system is working properly, never warm air.

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