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500SEL won't lock, trunk handle wont come out etc..

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So as of yesterday i have notice that my car has a few problems. So its not juut 1 problem but a few so here it goes.

1. I use my key to lock my car so when i do lock it from the driver side as usual only the driver side door lock will go down and not the other 3.

2. My rear back up antennas... yesterday i notice after driving home that my antenna was stuck up on one side even tho its out of reverse. So when i saw it i lightly pushed it back down with no resistance. So my rear backup antenna doesnt work.

3. My trunk... when i open my trunk the handle doesnt come out like it have always done. I did not hear the motor or anything.

So after i notice all these problems i thought back to myself what the hell did i do wrong for these problem to come and sofar i have just been driving normally for the past week like i always have. SO anyone want to take a guess at whats causing all these problems? Hopefully there isnt anymore problems that i did not notice yet.

FUSES are ok.
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Seems that you have a problem with your PSE-pump, it´s located under your rear seat, on the right side.
Quite common problem on these cars it seems...

Had the same deal on my ´97 S420, turned out it was the motor that was "gone fishin´". Replaced the motor (the entire PSE pump unit costs around $4000 over here, so it was worth a try), and everything was working fine again.

If you have access to a vacuum-tester of some kind, start by checking the lines for leaks before replacing fully working parts. You can also remove the PSE-pump and connect 12V to it to see if the motor runs.

Might also be worth a try pulling out the fuse and put it back in, but I don´t know if this works for this problem (like it sometimes does when the door closing aid stops working).
4000? tell you what, for 1000 per, i'll ship you all the pse pumps you can store. i thought norway only taxes vehicles and fuel, and then your vat wasn't 3000% last time i checked..
Perhaps I should start my own business, importing PSE-pumps for W140s hehe ;)
Parts for these cars are just ridiculously expensive here in Norway. A pair of windscreen wipers will set you back around $350 at the dealer, and they don´t come much cheaper from other stores either...

Oh well, if you compare the part prices to the price of the cars when they were new, it´s not that bad. In ´94, the cheapest W140 was the S280 at around 1.140.000,- NOK, or roughly $190000, while the S600 L costed around 2.570.000,- NOK, or $429000. Keep in mind that the value of a krone (or a dollar) was quite a bit higher 16 years ago than today, as well.

Just glad I don´t live in Denmark (I´m half danish:)) - Mercedes have some really sick prices there!
so if you import something, how much you pay on that? only your vat right.. as far as parts go.

because if wipers cost 350, then a glass cup MUST cost 40$. is there a special moratorium on car parts that i dont know of?
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